Dear Partners,

 In recent months we’ve been facing an unprecedented health crisis with inevitably severe impacts on our lifestyle. The COVID-19 pandemic has led cities and nations to undergo extreme measures and in 2020 we have experienced an unimaginable scenario throughout the Tourism Industry, where its aggregated, combined and related services, had been put on halt globally and some still suspended until further notice. We have suffered and lived through these consequences, we have complied and acted responsibly by abiding to extensive lockdown periods, quarantines and never ending and consistent changes in governmental measures.

Our priority was to keep everyone safe and the health of the public and our loved ones.

The months leading to the start of 2021 have also been incredibly challenging and confusing for everyone in the travel and hospitality industry. Unfortunately and although we should remain always optimistic, these challenges and difficulties, might take a little while to be put behind us and key factors, which are beyond our control, continue to be part of an uncertainty for the foreseeable future.

Along the way our sector has forced us to adapt to new ways of administrating and managing our office needs, generating delays when it comes to the procedure and generation of contracts, content and material. We’ve always done our best to supply all our partners abroad (in a timely manner) with all the content we generate and as usual, towards the end of every single year / end of high season in Greece. Unfortunately, this unprecedent situation and the still ongoing changes, did not allow us to do so in 2020 but here we are: preparing for a challenging 2021… as we closely monitor the situation as it unfolds.

It is with extreme pleasure to send you attached our 2021 Itineraries Brochure.

Kindy note some programs have been revised while others have been removed due to impossibility of being operated due to recent COVID-19 restrictions.

Due to the current situation and in order to stimulate 2021 sales: our rates continue to remain as one of the most competitive in the market and I’m pleased to announce (as you’ll shall observe), lower rates have been granted to a significative number of our programs.  

Keeping the above in mind: updates and modifications are always being presented and annouced by our local suppliers in Greece and from our international suppliers from abroad.

We count on your understanding and your patience when it comes to the consideration of the following:

1- The start and / or the end dates currently published in our itineraries;

2- High probability of alterations and adjustments of land services which might still occur throughout the season and for the following months ahead;

3- Hellenic Travel Network S.A. acts only as an intermediary between the final customer and its suppliers and as such, cannot be held accountable for sold services which are, in return, cancelled or modified by third party companies (i.e: cruise companies, airlines and / or tour organizers).

Our goal is to support you and to maintain our level of excellence; thus, we advise you to send all of your future requests on a “tailor made” basis (until further notice), in order to handle every quotation or booking with the care it deserves.

We are doing all we can to keep our itineraries intact as they were before COVID-19 but as you can imagine, keeping consistent contact with our suppliers is a must nowadays, to make our unforgettable trips… a reality!

Many changes are still to be seen around the corner and while it’s clear to all of us that this crisis has profoundly impacted our community, we know this moment will pass and travel will be back on its feet.

We are hopeful.

We are partners.

We will get through this together.